Boogie Bus
Patch Added: V 1.1
Size: Medium
Type: Vehicle
Other Info
Poses: 6

The Boogie Bus is a rideable vehicle, and is listed as 15 of 32 vehicles.

Description Edit

The Boogie Bus appears to be a turquoise-colored Van from the 1960s. If the player chooses a custom image to place on the vehicle, it will appear on the side of the Bus. When idle, the Bus bounces back and forth.When crashed, a lot of pieces come flying out. The van is in the Luxury Liners pack.

List of Vehicles
Boogie Bus   Boss Throne   Cool Streak   Corley   Delivery Van   Heavy Metal   Komrade   Mall Racer   Maximus   Pink Lightning   Ranger   Red Hot Engine   Sasquatch   Shiruken   Smooth Cruiser   Street Slicer   Swinger   Token Bird   Wedge

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