The Quad-Fin Fighter is a new vehicle that was added along with the Galactic Helmet in the Galactic Season Update.

Facts Edit

4 fin
  • There is a possibility that the Quad-Fin Fighter is a slight spin off from the X-Wing from Star Wars.
  • The fighters idle noise is very similar to the Ledorean's
  • Its top speed is 510 mph (822 km/h).
  • If the fighter hits a turbo pad, its wings form an "X" shape, and will begin shooting 4 laser blasts. These lasers can disturb any movable object (i.e. brick walls, other vehicles, bowling pins, etc.). It is the only Vehicle to do this.
  • If an icon is used, it will be positioned at the top of the nose of the fighter.
  • The fighter has a fairly large turbo charger which produces a huge flame when hitting a turbo pad.
  • This Vehicle is free in the Mobile Version.

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